Founders Carbon Lifestyle Card

Founders Carbon Lifestyle (fCL) – 24/7 butler service

Is an unprecedented exclusive service that makes your life easier, more fun and (even) more enjoyable. fCL makes the impossible possible and is an exclusive partnership between Founders Carbon Network and its Business Partners.

Why you can rely on us unconditionally and why we always manage to fulfill your wishes:

  • 100% trusted and has the best and most valuable contacts.
  • No request is too big or small, is too much for us.
  • Discreet and professional.
  • Makes life easier; Available 365 days a year from 09:00 to 21:00 hours.
  • Unconditional accreditation.
  • Cost-effective: both in time and money.

Whether you are looking for (VIP) tickets to sporting events, a booking in a fully booked restaurant, concert tickets for top artists, wishing to obtain or want to rent a yacht, jet or helicopter, everything is possible with Founders Carbon Lifestyle.

An overview of the Founders by Carbon Lifestyle services can never be complete, in the end anything is possible. To give you an idea of the impressive services we provide, you can go through the categories on the left of fCL.

Non-fCN members can sign up for the Founders Carbon Lifestyle Card. You can then enjoy many benefits, discounts and time savings offered by our butler service.

As a member of Founders Carbon Lifestyle you will many enjoy extras. Discover the benefits:

  • Member of The Butcher Amsterdam
  • Member of Club Abe
  • 24/7 butler service
  • Enjoy your discounts offered by our Preferred Partners

Preferred Partners fCL

If you want to be included in the Lifestyle Services and may advertise for a fee of € 1250, – per year or € 350, – per quarter. Place a new wonderful offer each month, visible to all fCN members as well as all members of the affiliated Preferred Partners.


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